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Relationships On Track

The Relationships On Track program was developed to help individuals and couples improve their romantic relationship.  The treatment focus is on recognizing the individual contributions to the problems, the successful resolution of these problems, and developing new methods and strategies to achieve and maintain positive results.  These programs will:

  1.  Help individuals be more successful in dating.
  2.  Help partners facing the betrayal and devastation of an affair and save their relationship.
  3.  Help struggling couples create and maintain a friendship and emotional intimacy.

The treatment methods used are based on effective, research-based therapeutic approaches, founded on successful treatment principles and models developed over the past 40 years by masters in the fields of interpersonal relationships.

Choosing the Right Partner

Do you sometimes feel like your heart and brain are on two different planets? They might be. The dating world is tough and can leave you feeling vulnerable and confused. This program can teach you effective methods and philosophies to help you select the best partner.
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Recovering From Infidelity

Overcoming the emotional damage and the shattered trust from an affair is a painful and difficult process. In spite of the difficulties in dealing with such betrayal, research shows that many relationships can be not only saved but can also be significantly improved. This program will help you heal and rebuild the relationship after the ravages of infidelity and increase the chances for a more successful recovery.
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Maintaining Marital Bliss

Marriage is an intimate and sacred blessing that sometimes can go awry. If you are looking to deepen your love and friendship with your spouse, this program could be exactly what is needed. You will be guided through the principles for creating and maintaining a strong and long-lasting marriage.
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